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Mindfulness is a time-proven discipline that enables profound personal growth and improvement. Studying Mindfulness enables its learners to cultivate positive mental health and make wise decisions during times of pressure, crisis or stress.  Mindfulness is sometimes referred to as 'Awareness'.

Mindfulness practice is great for growing in self-awareness, self-discipline, social-awareness and social effectiveness.

Some of the key things we cover with out mindfulness sessions are:

  • Learn to accept past events.

  • Learn to free yourself from the future.

  • Take advantage and savour the present. 

  • Learn to shepherd thoughts.

  • Learn to be more mindful of your thoughts, feelings, body and sensations.

  • Can combine with breathing exercises, Qigong and more.

  • Learn different meditative techniques.

  • Create a mindset to foster self-mastery.

  • and so much more.

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