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Hypnotherapy is a form of therapy that involves inducing a state of hypnosis, or deep relaxation and concentration, in order to facilitate changes in the client's thoughts, feelings, and behaviours.


The therapist will guide the client into a state of hypnosis using verbal cues and suggestions, and may also use visual aids such as the now cliché swinging watch.

While in hypnosis, the client is usually in a state of heightened suggestibility and is more receptive to the therapist's suggestions. The therapist may use hypnosis to help the client access unconscious thoughts and feelings, to change negative or irrational beliefs, or to alter unhealthy behaviours.

It is often believed that hypnotherapy sends the client into sleep, but the opposite is true.  Whilst hypnotised you are in a state of heightened awareness and in full control being fully able to bring yourself out of the hypnotic state at any time. 


Hypnotherapy can help with: 

  • Control of Anxiety

  • Pain Management

  • Greater self-confidence

  • Better relationships

  • Regaining emotional balance

  • Increased assertiveness

  • Stress relief

  • Ability to set boundaries

  • Trauma resolution

  • Weight Loss

  • Management of addictions

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