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New Workshop - Relating to Self

Please join Carl from the Academy of Self, to discuss the topic of 'Relating with Self' from episode 2 of the 'Path to Mastery' radio show.

This workshop will take place on Thursday 29th July at 18:45 - 20:15hrs.

How do you view your self-esteem, self-concept, and Social-self? Do you have limiting beliefs about yourself? is there evidence or is there a feeling that supports this? How do you relate to yourself?

The path to actualisation is certainly tough, made tougher when incongruence is rife within us.

In this workshop we will be reflecting on challenging self-limiting beliefs, and taking steps to build a positive, honest and congruent self to confidently tackle future challenges in our lives.

The aim is to be able to reflect on how we are being held back from the path of self-actualisation due to the relationship we have with our self.

Tickets cost £3 and will be hosted via zoom and are available via this link or through our events page.

See you there!

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