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New Workshop - Labels and Boxes

Please join Carl from the Academy of Self, to discuss the topic of 'Labels and Boxes' from episode 3 of the 'Path to Mastery' radio show.

From the radio series 'Path to Mastery' we follow on from Episode 3 - Broadcasted 08/08/2021. The topic of discussion being the 'Labels and boxes'.

What labels have you assigned yourself or been assigned by others?

What are the labels? Are they related to what we do, medical conditions or who we are?

For what purpose does this serve us? Is this for our benefit or hindrance?

In this workshop we will be engaging in dialogue to discuss the impact labels have on our lives. We will be exploring core values and building a positive concept by defining ourselves with growth in mind.

Tickets cost £3 and will be hosted via zoom and are available via this link or through our events page.

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